The Power of Ostrich Inc.

How did it all begin? The history of ostrich eggs and ostrich oil.

Ostriches are the most mysterious creatures in the world. Their sheer size is astounding, and their inability to fly raises many questions about their origin. But one of the most interesting facts about ostriches is the health benefits of ostrich oil and the history of ostrich eggs.

Did you know that the oldest known New World globes were engraved on an ostrich egg in Florence around the very early 1500s? Ostrich eggs with images were also found in Egypt around 6.400 thousand years BC. The ostrich has been around for 70 million years! These animals are carriers of the strongest immunity, and ostrich eggs have incredibly useful properties that have a positive effect on our body.

Ostrich oil can boast of the same properties, which is very often used for cosmetic purposes, for example, it is added to the composition of skin care cosmetics. Historical documents report extensive use of ostrich oil by ancient Egyptian, Roman and African cultures over 3000 years ago. Ostrich yolk and oil help to strengthen the skin to prevent early signs of aging. They have a beneficial effect on the skin and help to effectively get rid of dryness, preventing the appearance of flaking, small wounds and damage to the skin. This is probably why all the women from the ruling dynasty looked younger than their years and could boast of perfectly smooth and even skin. 

Ostrich fat and ostrich eggs have gained recognition in Australia, where they have been used by healers to treat various diseases and recover from injuries. In ancient Rome, they were also used for medical purposes.

For a long time, the oil was not widespread, which is explained by the habitat of birds – they live in Africa, Australia and the Middle East. However, after the beginning of the era of great geographical discoveries and the introduction of ostriches to the countries of the Old World, it gained fame throughout the world.

Today, ostrich oil and ostrich eggs are actively used in cosmetology, they are taken as a basis for the production of creams and masks that have a healing and rejuvenating effect. By the way, in ancient Rome, ostrich oil and egg ointment cost a fortune, only people of noble blood could afford it. At the moment, ostrich oil and eggs are available to everyone, however, they have not lost their value even after so many years

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