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Ostrich antibodies are reliable protection against viruses and diseases.

Everyone knows the benefits of antibodies, as they protect the human body from viruses and infections. Due to their natural, beneficial properties, antibodies fight viruses and have a positive effect on our body, relieve inflammation and have an overwhelming ability to neutralize viruses.

Why are ostrich antibodies our salvation? Ostriches are highly immune. It is this fact that affects the effectiveness of their antibodies. Ostrich antibodies are about 20 times more effective at fighting viruses.

For the first time, ostriches were noticed by Professor Yasuhiro Tsukamoto of the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kyoto Prefecture University. His numerous studies have shown that ostrich antibodies are able to neutralize the virus and subsequent infection of the body.

A huge amount of antibodies are found in the ostrich egg. In size, it is about 30 times larger than a hen’s egg. Its useful components and antibodies are sufficient for successful production. Therefore, ostrich eggs began to be widely used in various industries. For example, in our time, it is very important to observe the mask regime in order to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. The first commercial product was an ostrich antibody mask. If the mask is coated with ostrich antibodies, the antibodies will neutralize any virus that comes into contact with the mask. This approach will provide strong protection that will help us fight the pandemic and prevent further contamination of the world.

Ostrich antibodies are also widely used in the production of cosmetics. They help to create a unique formula that has a beneficial effect on our health. Thanks to the natural composition, our skin is literally renewed, receives useful components and becomes brighter, more radiant and healthy.

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